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Learn Alteryx to become an expert in just 7 days

Alteryx Analytics is one of the topmost upcoming analytical tools in the current market; it's the right time to become an expert in on this ; But how would you do it ? We have the most proven formula to become an Alteryx expert in 7 days

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What will i learn?
  • 1) Read and write data to and from multiple sources, including Microsoft Excel, CSV files, and databases
  • 2) Parse data from multiple data sources
  • 3) Use all of the tools in the Favorites toolset
  • 4) Use formulas built with the Formula, Multi-Row Formula, and Multi-Field Formula tools
  • 5) Understand basics around XML parsing and regex
  • 6) Build a Fuzzy Matching process 7) Build basic predictive time series forecasting workflows 8) Build a basic report using the Alteryx Designer reporting tools
  • 9) Build standard macros for use in Alteryx workflows
  • 10) Build a basic analytical app with Alteryx Designer to be used by line-of-business users
  • 11) Build basic spatial analytics workflows
  • 12) Parse JSON Data
  • 13) Perform regression analysis
  • 14) Build an iterative macro
  • 15) Build batch macros
  • 16) Build advanced spatial workflows

Curriculum for this course
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  • Basic Analytical Skills
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Learn Alteryx  to become an expert in just 7 days  

Alteryx Analytics is one of the topmost upcoming analytical tools in the current market; Few MNCs like Boston Consulting Group (BCG) , McKinsey & Company, InterWorks Inc, PWC, Credit-suisse & many others use Alteryx tool.  

This course is divided in to 3 stages which are   Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Modules | Target Audience for this Workshop should be: This Workshop is for Beginner to Intermediate level basic working with data regardless of their analytical background.

Beginner Functionality

 Module 1: Reading, Blending and Writing Data with Alteryx Designer

  • Load data from multiple sources
  • Join datasets
  • Write to multiple data files, grouped by key fields

Module 2: Parsing Data with Alteryx Designer

  • Format data sets
  • Find and replace delimiters
  • Split fields into multiple columns

Module 3: Preparing Data containing Date/Time fields with Alteryx Designer

  • Using conditional statements in formulas
  • Format Date/Time fields
  • Use values from previous/subsequent rows in formulas

Module 4: Performing Analytics with Alteryx Designer

  • Summarize data by groups
  • Sort data
  • Extract a specified portion of records from the data
  • Pivot the orientation of a data table

Module 5: Review Exercise

  • Append multiple data streams into one unified strea

Intermediate Functionality

Module 1: Preparing an XML document for Analysis

  • Parse XML files into individual fields

Module 2: Preparing Data using RegEx

  • Use Regular Expressions for data parsing
  • Dynamically rename fields

Module 3: Data Prep and Blending using Fuzzy Matching

  • Identify unique or duplicate records
  • Identify non-identical duplicates
  • Join an input with a large-scale database using Calgary Tools

Module 4: Time Series Analytics

  • Introduction to ARIMA and ETS time series forecasting models
  • Forecast a specified number of future periods using ARIMA or ETS models

Module 5: Reporting in Alteryx

  • Create basic and pivot tables from input data for reports
  • Add text to reports and documents
  • Arrange reporting snippets
  • Create presentation-quality reports in various formats

Module 6: Standard Macro Creation in Alteryx

  • Create a workflow that can run as a single tool in another workflow
  • Create input parameters for passing data to a macro tool
  • Display output arrows on a macro tool

Module 7: Building Analytical Apps in Alteryx

  • Create Analytic App Workflows that can be run by consumers
  • Associate geographic coordinates (Lat/Lon) with addresses
  • Create point-type spatial objects for spatial processing
  • Append fields to every record of a data stream
  • Calculate the distance between two spatial points

Module 8: Spatial Trade Area Development and Weighted Centroids

  • Take a group of spatial points to create a polygon to represent the group of points
  • Extract tabular information about a spatial object (e.g. Area in square miles)
  • Calculate weighted centroids of a population of spatial points

Advanced Functionality

Module 1: Parsing JSON data for Analytics

  • Retrieve data from a specified URL
  • Parse JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) into a table schema

Module 2: Performing Regression Analysis in Alteryx

  • Use Regression Analysis for estimating the relationships among variables
  • Use a decision tree learning model to predict a target variable using one or more variables that are expected to have an influence
  • Score the predicted probability of target variables in a decision tree model

Module 3: Building Batch Macros in Alteryx

  • Create a batch macro that is intended to run repeatedly in the context of a workflow, executing for each
  • record passed as a Control Parameter input

Module 4: Constructing an Iterative Macro to make a Process Dynamic

  • Create a macro that will run through every record and then loop the records back through the workflow,
  • repeating the entire process as many times as is specified, or until a condition is met.

Module 5: Constructing Spatial Clusters using distance functions within an Iterative Macro

  • Perform Hierarchical Clustering
  • Expand a spatial polygon by a specified value
  • Split a spatial polygon object into component objects (i.e. points, lines or regions)

Module 6: Alteryx Server

  • Server Architecture
  • Workflow Migration
  • Workflow Scheduling

Who is the instructor for this training?

The instructor  for this course  is  a Alteryx certified Instructor with extensive domain experience of 15+ years , including years of experience training & mentoring professionals in the industry.

Please note that this is not a certification course and  we are promoting this technology workshop amongst our clientele.Kindly note that Pricing may vary depending on the no of students to be enrolled .

For any further queries, feel free to contact us at info@consultkpi.com or reach us at 080 41714080

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