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" The Fourth Industrial Revolution starts with one very important point: Trust "

As the words of Marc R Benioff, Chairman & Ceo - Salesforce, the ability to innovate and the speed at which we change will determine the winners of today;

How you design your workforce for future |  How to add more Human-input with AI | How to Integrate DX Technologies with workforce |  How to become more Agile, more Risk-Taking, more & more Customer-centric 

 Artificial Intelligence |  Machine learning |  Connected clouds | Microservices | Augmented Reality | Cyber-Security | Intelligent App | Industrial IoT | Swarm Intelligence | Deep Learning | Neural Networks | Natural Language Processing | Speech Recognition | Image Recognition | Advanced Data Analytics | Machine reasoning for decision making & Advanced Algorithms 

What is Digital Transformation?
Digital transformation is the right application of technology to revolutionize the  Business processes, enhance better Customer Experiences, Business models, Workforce, Business Operations, Business strategies with the intent of making the company more Productive, Competitive and/or more Profitable

Needless to say, Digital Transformation or DX is technology driven; and the impact on the workforce of DX is huge; then there are few critical elements come in to picture - 

  • What roles and resources are needed for transformation, to begin with?
  • What are the high-value skills are necessary and what are those essential factors those will help your business to transform into a digital and data-driven organization?
  • What's the overall Digital transformation (DX) strategy with respect to the workforce?
  • What are the ways Knowledge management to change?
  • What are the expectations from Leadership team? 

Few Digital Technology Trends

As per Gartner's top few Digital Technology trends ( Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2018 ) 

  • Artificial Intelligence & AI Platform as a Services (PaaS)
  • Intelligent Apps and Analytics
  • Digitalized Ecosystems
  • Digital Twins
  • Cloud to the edge
  • Conversational Platforms
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