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Upcoming happy learning week webinars june

Blockchain & Latest Trends - Banking & Insurance Usecases

IST 7.00 PM - 9.00 PM 10th June 
  • What is Blockchain
  • Why Blockchain is important for Business
  • Blockchain in multiple Industries - Banking & Insurance Uses Cases  
  • Blockchain Trends in 2019

Faculty Profile - Gokul Alex is a Blockchain Educator with two decades of experience in Digital Technologies and Business Models. He is advisor to Blockchain Entrepreneurs and Enthusiasts across the world. He has lead the Blockchain Strategy Consulting and Platform Engineering initiatives across central and state governments in India and abroad. He has been selected as the Blockchain Security Auditor for International Clients across the world. He has has designed Blockchain Architectures for International Governmental and Non Governmental Organisations. He has introduced a collection of pioneering Blockchain Protocols to India such as Algorand, Tezos, Hashgraph, RSK, ZCash, QRL, etc. He is currently driving Blockchain Initiatives across Government and Public Sector space as the Core Member of Government Blockchain Association in India. He is also part of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as the contributor to the special interest groups across Digital Identity, Financial Services and Manufacturing Sector.


 IST 7.00 PM - 9.00 PM , 11th June
  • Introduction to Terraform
  • Fundamentals, concepts and terminologies 
  • Installation Methods
  • Best Practices 
  • Q & A Session 
Know your Faculty : Mr.Sreenivasa Rao 
he has 20 + years of experience in IT Infrastructure, Application Architecture, Automation and Terraform,Kubernetes, Dockers, Containers and Cloud Foundry, Design, Implementation and Operations engineering in Virtualization, AWS, IBM and Azure Public and Private Clouds; he has been corporate trainer & mentor many MNCs across India & abroad.

Google Cloud Platform & Current Trends

IST 7.00 PM - 9.00 PM , 12th June

  • Introducing Google Cloud Platform
  • Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform
  • Big Data and Machine Learning in the Cloud - brief hands-on session
  • Best Practices
Know Your Faculty    : Ms.Shalli Goel with 15+ years of experience in training & consulting; Taught more than 1500 students (100+ batches) on GCP , Big Data and Hadoop Developer and Big Data Analytics, Apache Spark, Elasticsearch and MongoDB, Cassandra, AWS and others Consulted & Delivered training batches with 50+ clients across the globe.

Welcome to world of Splunk

 IST  7.00PM - 9.00 PM  13th June 2019

  • Welcome to world of Splunk
  • Brief hands-on session on how Create a table of contents
  • Recent trends 
  • Challenges
  • Q & A session

Know Your Faculty    : Mr.Abhay Singh says “The day is wasted if the day is spent without a splunk”.
 Enthusiast Blogger and a key player in the world of Splunk with total 12+ years of Experience. have handled more than 40+ clients .have an extensive experience in Unix Shell Scripting ( Bash + Ksh ) and SaltStack, puppet, chef, Ansible..

Deep learning using Python & Keras

IST 8.00 PM - 10.00 PM , 14th June
  • What is Deep Learning ?
  • Setting Up Environment for Deep Learning
  • Phases of Deep Learning Project
  • Python Fast Track - NumPy & SciPy packages
  • Keras
  • Q & A session 
Know Your Faculty    : Mr.Prashant Sahu

he's having 14 +years of overall experience in research,instrumentation, automation, simulation and modeling, imageprocessing, control systems handled many projects in these areas from academia and industry | conducted Deep learning,Python Programming (NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, BeautifulSoup),Probability and Statistics for Machine Learning, Essential Mathematics for Machine Learning (Probability,Statistics, Linear Algebra and Matrix Calculus),Exploratory Data Analytics using Python (Data Visualization,Analysis, Summarizing, Feature Selection and Feature Engineering)& related programs..

Welcome to the Alteryx world

IST 11.00 AM - 1.00 PM , 15th June 

  • Welcome to the Alteryx world
  • Alteryx Designer Interface 
  • Brief Handson session 
  • Currend trends 
  • Q&A session

Know Your Faculty    : 
Mr.Arun kumar 

Sr. Trainer & Consultant on Alteryx with 11+ years of experience in Data Analysis & Analytics, Business Consulting and Business Intelligence ; consulted BI & Analytics,  Alteryx projects with top most leading IT giants across the Globe . Delivered numerous Alteryx sessions with world's leading organisations such as EY,PWC, Fujitsu, leading banks, CapitalOne & many corporate houses.

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