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Empowering GStreamer Multimedia Framework skills in 24 hours

This is an online-based Live Training/workshop with lots of Hands-on sessions on Gstreamer & Plugins which has been widely used in Automotive, Infotainment, AR VR MR (Mixed reality) in Gaming, Digital Screens, Data or Video Processing (with AI ) & other related industries.

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What will i learn?
  • All Gstreamer application & Practical scenarios Entire Gstreamer Architecture & Plugins Realtime usage with the Video Realtime usage with the Audio

Curriculum for this course
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  • Basic Knowledge about operating systems, e.g. Linux kernel-based operating systems, OpenSolaris, Android, macOS, iOS, Windows, OS/400.
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This is an online based Live Training / workshop with lots of Hands-on sessions on Gstreamer & Plugins which has been widely used in Automative, Infotainment , AR VR MR (Mixed reality) in Gaming , Digital Screens , Data or Video Processing (with AI ) & other related industries .

Duration:  24 hours  (Weekday - 1 hour   & Weekend - 3-4 hours ) 

GStreamer Detailed Concept : Pipes and Filters architecture, Creating filter chain, debugging filter chain, printing filter graph, GSTBIN, etc.

Theory Topics for GSTreamer usage

1.       Hello World

2.       Gstreamer Concepts

3.       Dynamic Pipelines

4.       Time Management

5.       GUI Toolkit Integration

6.       Media Formats and pad capabilities

7.       Multithreading and Pad availability

8.       Short cutting the pipeline

      Media information Gathering

10.   Gstreamer tools

11.   Debugging tools

12.   Streaming

13.   Playback speed

14.   Handy elements

15.   Platform specific elements

Lab Practice: Playing with Gstreamer pipeline

1.       Introduction to pipes and filters architecture, typical playback, recording and transcoding pipeline. Role of mux and demux, with respect to file formats

2.       Introduction to GStreamer. Framework commands – gst-inspect, gst-play etc

3.       Creating filter chain from command line, debugging filter chain, printing filter graph

4.       Study on various components of gstreamer like GSTBIN, network filters, file read write filters etc

5.       Create Filter chain using C program.


Theory Topics for GStreamer Plugins development

1.       Constructing the boiler plate

2.       Specifying the pads

3.       The chain function

4.       The event function

5.       The query function

6.       What are states

7.       Adding properties

8.       Signals

9.       Building Test Application

GST Internals: Making a GStreamer filter, pads, registering filter etc

Lab Practice: Create a GST Filter and test it against standard filters

1.       Theoretical study on internals of GStreamer plugin, pads, registering mechanism etc

2.       Building and deploying steps of a Gstreamer filter

3.       Demo using a dummy GST filter. Make code, build and install, then use this filter in a filter chain

4.       Students should be given an exercise to develop a filter from scratch, build, install, deploy and test the filter, and submit the source code of the same.

Faculty Profile - 

An astute professional with 18 years of experience in Project Management and Software Development in Java, C and C++ for Multimedia/GStreamer and Audio/Video Technology, BSD, AI, various Set Top Box, Transport Stream Analysis and Synthesis, Camera and Telecom domain on Window & Linux platform.

He had worked for brands like Toshiba, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, HCL, Intel, Sony, Verizon, Comcast etc, as a direct as well as consultant employee, assimilating a huge spectrum of Best Practices and Technologies from each of the mentioned places.

Out of personal interest, in leisure, he dabbles in website development with DBMS, Android applications, Robotics, AI, and has done a number of hobby projects in Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Also he enjoys teaching, reading and tinkering in the technical domain, and has a good command in public speaking skills.

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This workshop is delivered by one of top most industry-leading faculty with at least 10 to 15+ years of Industry as well as training experience

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