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Empowering GStreamer Multimedia Framework skills

This is an online-based Live Training/workshop with lots of Hands-on sessions on Gstreamer & Plugins which has been widely used in Automotive, Infotainment, AR VR MR (Mixed reality) in Gaming, Digital Screens, Data or Video Processing (with AI ) & other related industries.

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What will i learn?
  • All Gstreamer application & Practical scenarios
  • Entire Gstreamer Architecture & Plugins
  • Realtime usage with the Video
  • Realtime usage with the Audio

Curriculum for this course
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  • Basic Knowledge about operating systems, e.g. Linux kernel-based operating systems, OpenSolaris, Android, macOS, iOS, Windows, OS/400.
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GStreamer Multimedia Framework Training

Learn from experts & real time consultants

Focused on 100% Hands-on sessions 
Multiple Assignments & Assessment Driven 
Real case-study based approach 

  • Gstreamer usage Growth in recent years ..

    • Infotainment Industry
    • AR VR MR (Mixed reality) in Gaming 
    • Digital Screens
    • Data or Video Processing (with AI )
What is GStreamer ?

Most used Pipeline-based multimedia framework 
Streaming media applications  
Designed to write applications that handle audio & video or both
Complete Open-source

Why us ?

Learn from Industry's Best Experts 
Hands-on Applications

GStreamer Multimedia Framework Training

Detailed Topics 

●Introduction to GStreamer 

●Overview of GStremer plugins (Base, Good, Bad and Ugly) 

●Getting familier to GStreamer using gst tools 

●Basics: Elements, Pads, Bins, Pipelines 

●Pad capabilities 

●Communication mechanisms 

●Hands on : MP3 player Implementation 

●GStreamer Bus and Message Handling 




●Hands on : MP4 Video pipeline using Dynamic & Static pipeline  

●Auto Plugging 

●Static Pads, Dynamic Pads, Request Pads, Ghost Pads 

●Hands On : Pad added callback for audio and video streams 

●Pipelines State machine 

●Pipeline Prerolling 


●Playback Events handling 

●Seek and Trick play 

●Flushing seek, Segment Event 

Hands on : Seek and trick play implementation 


●Introduction to plugins 

●GObject and Glib Basics for GStreamer 

●Hands on : Writing the plugins Boilerplate 

●Caps Negotiation 

●Plugin properties 

Hands on: Adding new property to a plugin 

●Buffer Creation & Management (adapter, buffer pool) 

●Hands on: mp3 decoder plugin implementation 



●Demuxer plugin insights 

●Scheduling modes (Pull, Push) 

●Streaming thread 

●Loop Function, Chain function 

●Audio/Video Recording 

Hands on : Camera Pipeline development 

●V4l2src I/O modes : mmap, usrptr, dmabuf 

●Hands on : Audio Recording 

●Playback Synchronization 

●Clock Management 


●Streaming pipelines 

●RTP/RTSP/UDP Streaming playbacks 

●Clock provider & Listener 

Hands on : Live555 media server and Synchronized multiple media playback pipelines 


●Media Playback Acceleration 

●OpenMAX h/w media components 

●GST-OMX plugins for media acceleration 

●V4L2 Framework for media acceleration 

●Video Overlays 

●KMS-DRM SINK (Direct Rendering Manager) 

●Chromium Media backend and YouTube playback using Gstreamer 

●Adaptive Streaming 

●Hands on : Media Acceleration on RPi3 board using GST-OMX and kmssink 

●Pulse sink : A GStreamer Pulse audio client 

●Pulse audio Basics 

●Tiny compress through GStreamer 

●Pad Probing 

Hands on: Dynamically changing the Pipeline 

Hands on : Appsrc  pipelines and use cases 

●Common Issues Faced in GStreamer 

What Our Clients say about this training 

Faculty had  provided /explained all practical scenarios ( throughout his experience) are useful ; trainer has very good experience in this area answered all the queries well; shared his experience with scenarios
Very Interactive & complete hands-on sessions 
Understood all the concepts very well ; use cases explanation & hands-on experience
Understood Gstreamer application & plugin details 
Explanation of Gstreamer & concepts was very good
This training was great & successful; had a detailed knowledge about Gstreamer & its plugins .

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Companies like Nokia , Intel , RidgeRun, Samsung, Collabora, Igalia  & many other Infotainment & Video processing companies who extensively use Gstreamer in their projects for thousands of people .

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