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  • Apache Spark and Apache Kafka KPI Consulting -
    This online live Instructor-led Apache Spark and Apache Kafka training is focused on the technical community who are willing to work on various tools & techniques related to Hadoop, Bigdata & databases ; This course is having multiple assignments (module wise) , Evaluation & periodic Assessment (Final Assessment at the end of the session) .
    0 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours English Advanced
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  • Apache Spark - Basic to Advance with Scala KPI Consulting -
    Apache Spark training covers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level Spark, its implementation and Application Development. The Training is organized to use practical, real time data set, analytics by understanding Big Data, Data Ingesting, Streaming and processing. The program is designed to use Scala as primary language, Python for example, the core examples and implementation are provided in Scala only. Language is secondary part while learning Spark, as we cover Fundamentals and Advanced concept of Spark.
    0 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours English Advanced
    ₹9999 ₹21999
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