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Technical evaluation and assessments

Our Cutting-edge Assessment Solutions 

  • Better &  More Reliable Assessments - We simplify your Technical  Learning  & Hiring 
  • Our Domain specific Technical Assessment Solutions (cross Industry & Job roles) has helped many organizations
  • Defining and Measuring Effectiveness – Progress Analytics Chart for each Individual| Cutting -edge Technical Asessment  

Progress Analytics Chart | Individual Profiling | Cutting Edge Technical Assessment

  • What's Progress Analytics Chart & Individual Profiling ? How it helped our customers 

We create a Matrix with the scorecard of each learner, Analyze their learning pattern each day , assess them with plenty variables and paremeters ; create Individual profiling report based on the scores ; which help customers to identify the right talent for the right projects immediately post training session

We gauge each learner's performances during the session & capture the data and showcase to you in a meaningful form with each day progress story telling with Individual profiling reports

Any sort of Training involves high value - be it time or Money : We help our customers to sove these most important questions ....

  • How would you reskill your workforce on skill gaps?
  • How would you create a proper TNA or GAP Analysis Report?
  • Who would be your right sets of  ( internal ) customer
  • How would you revolutionize your training program & make your workforce future ready ?
  • How do you judge an Effective Training Day  ?
  • How effectively you Measure the ROI of the Training?
  • How would you rate your learners
  • What's your effective succession plans ?

Technology Specific Technical Assessment | Deep Analysis of Code | Valuable Deep Insights

  • Technology Centric Technical Assessment by our Experts 
  • Technology Centric Deeper Analysis of Code - Detailed Parameter Score Matrix 
  • Valuable Deeper Insights 
  • Highly Skilled Real-time Experts as Evaluator 
  • Easy Integration & Quick Reports 
  • Highly Scable Platform
  • Get support for More than 50 + programming language 

Training Needs Identification

How to plan for a Right Training - Analyze | Define | Customize | Plan

Measuring the ROI of a Training Program

Pre - Assessment & Post Assessment | Training Life-cycle

Evaluation Model

Philips 's Model ROI (%) = Program benefits / costs x 100

Certification Management

Build competency | Conduct tests | Evaluate | Certify

Learning Evaluation Models

What's Progress Analytics Chart ? What's Individual Profiling ?

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