6 characteristics of early AI adopters

6 characteristics of early AI adopters that differentiates them from late bloomers

6 characteristics of early AI adopters

We are living through a high period of AI ; Today AI is like Aston Marton’s new Sports car which has taken a giant leap in to complete transformation. Are We ready to adopt this form AI & look for another humongous change in our society ?

Online Pioneer firms and digital giants such as Google and Baidu had already betted vast amounts of money on AI.  As per Mckinsey report , it’s estimated between $20B and $30B & start-ups close to  $ 6B- $9B only in 2016 .Though, the adoption of AI in later years has shown another picture of keeping complete low profile whereas 40% +  enterprises said that they are still uncertain about the benefits & ROI of  AI-boosted applications out of 3000 businesses across the globe. But rest are really bullish and raring to experiment applications with the use of AI ; As per Mckinsey report,  there are 6 characteristics of early AI adopters that differentiates them from late bloomers. 

  1. To begin with , A strong executive leadership (C Level executive )  can see a clear vision with stronger AI adoption. 
  2. Large Volume businessesonly tend to invest inAI-boosted technologies. 
  3. The early AI adoptersare thestrong followers of Digitization & willing to explore the boundaries of Digital transformation .
  4. Early AI adoptersare the ones who are already building products / services with the use of other related technologies, such asRPA , Cloud services, Big data and focus on multiple AI tools for addressing number of use-cases.
  5. These companies see thehigh scalability & immense upside growth potentialthan the expenses/costs acquiring it.
  6. Finally, these large companies prefer to invest in their core activities.

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