Complete Competence Development process during covid19

Our Complete Competence Development Process for fresh hires, Blended learning model ,covid19 ,

Complete Competence Development  process during covid19

Complete Competence Development Process for Fresh Hires

Post Campus Hiring of fresh graduates , Learning or building competence is one of the crucial activities for L&D Leaders ; many times we have observed that a small tweak delivers astounding performances & similarly a small mishap like (last moment faculty change ,Unavailibility of faculty even for a day) create huge chaos.

In view of current scenarios, most of the hires would be working remotely . So as the businesses would evolve accordingly. Now many corporates would be preferring their workforce to work remotely ; hence the change of Learning & development activities would become ultimate determining element in this screenplay; not only changes in training delivery but also the changes in entire gamut of Learning delivery  with  (Online live instructor-led + Instructor-led Classroom Learning + Online Selfpaced Learning ) , Assignments , Evaluation , Assessments & then Individual Scoring Report  would be the key influential facet for the L&D industry.

Since Post Covid19 Classroom training will mostly be obsolete for atleast next 6 months ; Hence the online learning would be prime activity ; Learners ability & Faculty's ability would be tested in every now & then for each module & topics ; Its very much essential that Faculty should provide equal number of classes on Training delivery & Real time Assignments ( along with Discussion for best practices ) as this would be another sea-change factor in over all building competence.

These days many of our clients are focusing on the Assignments, Evaluation & Assessment Score which are the key ingredients of overall learning & building competence  ; Even while selecting assignemnts , Faculty should remember the goals of assignments (360 Degree learning) , level of the learners & most importantly the Business aspects /needs ;

(In his book Engaging Ideas , John Bean provides a great list of questions to help instructors focus on their main teaching goals when creating an assignment 1. What are the main units/modules in my course?  2. What are my main learning objectives for each module and for the course?  3. What thinking skills am I trying to develop within each unit and throughout the course?  4. What are the most difficult aspects of my course for students?  5. If I could change my students' study habits, what would I most like to change?  6. What difference do I want my course to make in my students' lives?) 

In Evaluation ,certain pointers ( keepin in mind of Business goals ) can boost the over all learning ; as we have different learners in the batch ( Full of Go Learner , Primary goal oriented Learner , Subject matter expert Learner, Outcome oriented Learner) ; Individual Scoring / Feedback Report is one the prime most factors for L&D Leaders as this will help them to gauge the most critical factors on CROI of the entire activity.

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