Reinventing your career in the time of Covid-19

Reinventing your career in the time of Covid-19

One of our International level Sportsmen had depicted that during Covid-19 days, his lifestyle had changed utterly from tight schedule; Morning became bedtime stories & night spent on high-level-Adrenalin-rushed Video gaming .

Another friend of mine has completely tuned in to office work and sometimes he wakes up to finish his bath quickly at 2.30 AM (midnight) post which he is glued to the regular scheduled work; his team is highly satisfied for his stupendous 210% rise in weekly hours.
Sometimes, unprecedented change in events give us a jolt & shakes us completely; at the same time the new beginning already starts to plot inside us; this  process is continuous & never ending.

  • Right moves vs Wrong moves - Worries on current job security , uninvited Financial instability challenges us psychologically and our psyche takes a shape where we start doubting ourselves and then right moves pinpoints wrong moves and vice versa ; And the dilemma continues


  • Understanding the supremely talented version of “ ME “ - This is crucial and It starts with  Who am I? Where I want to see myself ?  Who do I want to become? Where can I best contribute? We learn who we want to become by testing the reality, fantasy and most importantly, by doing.


  • Create multiple & different versions of “ ME ” - To Segregate , finetune and differentiate the Best version  of “ME” ; Understand the current market trends and check available Job roles; Machine learning & AI , Analytics have been implemented in every work; Hence any job which are not adding to these technologies ,are definitely at high risk ; Similarly we need to embrace the virtual work or remote work which have seen sharp rise in recent days. Another interesting area are Cloud & Devops and Cyber security; which has humongous potential & numerous opportunities.

  • Now this should follow the next step which is "ME" version undergoes reality check to generate feedback from close peers and Mentors , Career guides , Industry colleagues and Ex-bosses and where we can get more constructive & creative feedback to improve our learning and performance.

  • Time Spent Patterns – Once you have decided & have clarity of the better version of me, you can invest time based on your requirements; Create visibilities in Social networking platforms & showcase your views; network with industry friends & hiring Managers & Hiring leaders.  (See this to know better - Get Noticed by Hiring Managers, Recruiters During Your Industrial Job Search with These 3 Steps)


  • Rebuild our connections – helps a lot when we share & capture their view as they say that 20% comes from interacting with fellow employees , ex colleagues (networking and informal conversations as per 70-20-10 principle of learning)


  • Built the right competence - After going through the process and Speaking to your mentors or a career coach (or others who’s worthy to provide right advise ) , select the area to work on , zero on the methods and tools to build competence one at a time. Today,  we get to see the role of Analytics is coming up in a bigger way; Analytics in Supply-chain, HR, Marketing, Operations and many more; as Data Visualisation & Data Story telling skills has increased the demand.(check our  Data story telling workshop

Over all, when it comes to reinventing your career especially during crisis, We need to remember that Time & Patience; are the key factors which will drive us to get a final Job that we are craving for.

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