Machine Learning Mastery … Why must-learn technology of this era

Machine Learning Mastery … Why must-learn technology of this era The world is quickly changing to new shape and guess what the DNA of it is – “Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence” and that will remain one of the top technologies which will define careers of the future.

Machine Learning Mastery … Why must-learn technology of this era

The world is quickly changing to new shape and guess what the DNA of it is – “Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence” and that will remain one of the top technologies which will define careers of the future.

Machine Learning - Artificial Intelligence & Breast cancer

Tel Aviv-based Zebra company says it has taught an algorithm to identify early signs of breast cancer with the help of thousands of previous mammograms  — using machine learning, which is a type of AI that equips computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed is now better than radiologists using the best computer aided detection (CAD) methods for mammography, the company claims.


Machine Learning - Artificial Intelligence & autonomous driving technology 

Mobileye, for example , The company's autonomous driving technology was so interesting that Intel paid a whopping $15.3 billion (£11.8 billion) for it in March when it acquired the company


In a little less than a decade from now, you will actually be driven around the city in a driverless vehicle, flown over countries with faceless service personnel, have your food cooked for you by an AI optimized cooking range, and have strange voices from flat screens give you instructions, all without having to move a limb!


You may experience happiness hearing this, especially about the fact that life’s going to get a lot easier, but there’s another scarier side to this development - the fact that artificial intelligence and machine learning will take away our jobs really soon.


It also alludes to the fact, that as life becomes easy, we will become redundant UNLESS we stay on top of AI and its immense possibilities….


In the last few years, we’ve been hearing talk of AI and Machine Learning and Companies worldwide have been pouring in billions of dollars into their R&D and research, thereby looking to get an edge over their competitors in the technological landscape with ideas and innovative concepts.


To take up a few examples,


In 2016 alone, two of the world’s fastest growing companies, Google and Baidu spent between $20B to $30 billion on AI, with 90% of the spends on R&D and 10% on AI acquisitions.


Apart, Some of the world’s leading tech companies are investing on Intellectual Property (IP) and Patents for AI on a major scale.


In April of this year, the largest Machine Learning conference in recent years was held in Prague, where leaders across businesses and industries, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM spoke on the immense possibilities of AI and its impact in future technologies.


With so much of focus on Artificial Intelligence and the real value it delivers, markets, governments and individuals are scrambling to hire more people with capabilities in understanding this complex and practical science across the world.




Machine learning is a critical faculty and is currently being utilised to run major algorithms online by Facebook and Google, to drive social engagement and user generated capabilities across social media platforms.


IBM’s Watson, being a cloud-based, AI technology has already had a huge impact across industries ever since it became accessible to a larger public. From its use in cancer research to personal shopping and hospitality, it is changing the approach to research and personalization


Amazon is heavily investing in speech recognition and software and ML-virtual assistants for their sales force.


Applying machine learning to satellite image data sets in order to predict and analyze crop yields is what Descartes Labs , a US-based company is focusing on. The impact on agriculture and environment is far reaching.


Auto manufacturers Tesla and Toyota are using machine learning and robotics in self-driven cars.


Machine learning startups are already being pegged to take over traditional businesses because of their cost-effective, machine-led functionality


We all get to see on road Google’s Real time Traffic Analysis.


Mobile and enterprise apps will become smarter with embedded learning capabilities of AI. Machine vision, NLP (natural language processing) and voice interface coming together will give users a seamless app experience




The main challenge in using AI technologies, Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis in a streamlined automated manner is that false positives -accurate prediction of specific outcomes - are more, and pinpointing the correct algorithm is extremely crucial for this. Unfortunately the expertise in this is still lacking at a specialist’s level.


KPI Consulting ’s  “Advanced Machine Learning & Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence - Using all practical examples “ Workshop  addresses just such a deficiency, filling in this huge gap in skill sets that the industry is facing and providing basics as well as advanced skills sets (In a step by step process ) that help individuals jump right into hands-on practical applications of data and algorithms.


Stuart Johnson from Deloitte  have asked often that most companies are asking themselves today, “How can organizations use algorithms more?” and We at KPI Consulting provide these exact skills to answer this most important question .


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